Cheap ways to make your house look like a million bucks

Home Insurance Tips Every Homeowner Should Know
Want a lower insurance premium? Read on.

Gone are the days when home insurance is considered an option. These days, people are well-informed of the benefits of having one, as well as the costs involved in keeping it. There are, however, some helpful tips that not every homeowner is aware of.

Paying the mortgage on time
Responsible homeowners who pay their mortgage on time or those who have a few years left to pay for their property are more likely to get a lower premium. The main reason behind this is, to insurance companies, homeowners who are eager to pay off their mortgage are more likely to take care of their home, according to resource website

Making and keeping your home safe and secure
While having a home insurance can provide homeowners some sort of relief, no one really wants to experience any unfortunate event. In this light, it’s important to keep one’s home safe and secure. “A lock on each window cuts the chance of a break-in. They are cheap and easy to fit and will often reduce your home insurance premium too,” according to insurance company, AVIVA.

Installing a burglar alarm system, fire alarm, and a sprinkler system will also help reduce the insurance premium. Shopping around and comparing insurance coverage from various trusted providers is something one should definitely consider, says

In a nutshell, being a responsible homeowner helps reduce the insurance premium. The tips above don’t just lower the insurance premium, but also keeps the homeowner and his or her family in good financial standing, not to mention safe and sound.



10 Budget Friendly D.I.Y Projects

Here are few budget friendly D.I.Y projects to decoration your house.




What a creative way to add some unique style to your boring shelves. I love the idea how logs are used to support these shelves. Trim the sturdy branches to equal lengths, keeping the cuts straight. Attach one board to the bottom of the branches using wood screws, and attach the second board to the top of the branches with wood screws.




Cut some flower petals from fabric or precut faux flower petals into mini outdoor or indoor lights and glue it together. Make your own pattern and use different colors each time when you add the flower petals. Create your own style to this design.




I love this idea! If you have boring plain chandelier in your house, just spice it up with some accessories, such as wooden balls. To create this look buy different sizes of wooden balls from a craft store. Screw metal hooks into opposite ends of the ball. Link the eye hooks to the chain the balls together, then you would have to drape from the chandelier.




This is a budget friendly idea I also love. Create your own design on your vase by applying painter’s tape and then using frosting glass paint. The more coats of frosted glass paint you apply, the more opaque and noticeable the stripes. Great idea to use for Christmas decor.




To create this crochet string light fixture, you would 35 inches balloon and crochet string. Blow the balloon 30 inches and brush it with fabric stiffener. Make sure it is thick coat and then wrap it with crochet string, brush more layers of fabric stiffener as you work to ensure a thick coating. Make sure let it dry for 24hrs and then pop the balloon.




Create your own unique design on a plain color cushion by just using a different fabric paint to it. On this yellow cushion, the designer used white fabric paint to create zigzag design.


BHG DIY Artwork Still 4_Pretty Paper


Create your own artwork by just using scrapbook papers and adding it to white color picture frames.


BHG CIY Artwork Still 1_Photography By You


If you love taking picture then this project is for you. Enlarge some of your pictures and add it to simple black picture frames. I really love this idea! This is inexpensive artwork and looks wonderful on the wall.




This is such a simple D.I.Y project that anyone can do. Supplies needed for this project are sharpie, and plain white mugs. Just write a phrase that you like on the mugs and then just bake it under 350F for 30 minutes and you are done. I love this idea! Great idea for valentine day gift or just a thank you gift.




If you children love collecting bugs or camping this project will work for you. Get few empty glass jars and cut some glow sticks to add the contents into each jar. Then add diamond glitter inside the jar as well.  Seal the jar with the lid and shake it. This project is a fun project and you can involve your children as well. They will love it!


10 Fabulous Fall Decorating Ideas

Bring the beautiful colors of fall into your home with these few simple decorating ideas. These designs are simple, easy to do and at the same time can create a unique affect in your house. You can always change these designs around to make it into yours. Be creative and unique when making your own decorations.




A bell jar and a shallow terra-cotta bulb terrarium perfect for highlighting all your fall inspired elements. Fill it with pine acorn, fall leaves, small pumpkins, pine leaves, and Spanish moss. A great idea to use for a outdoor and indoor table centerpiece.




Another great idea for your table center. Collect your favorite fall foods, such as, squash, nuts, any sort of fruits, onions, and potpourri and add it to either a basket or bowl. You can also put personally touches by adding your favorite colors around it, add your initials to the basket, basically whatever you feel like doing to add your personally touches.




Gourds can easily be used as candle holders by cutting the top portions and hollowing the centers. Also, by adding other fall elements can create a unique centerpiece for your table. Remember add your favorite elements to make it more personally so that way you and your family will enjoy it more.




Rather than creating a fall table piece, create a unique fall leaves streamers. This way you can see the person sitting across you at the table. I love this idea!!




Create a warm welcoming entry table setting by using beautiful fall colors and elements. Again create a entry table center piece with your favorite fall elements.




Decorate your plain walls with large brown paper blossoms this fall. A unique, fun and creative way to decorate your walls this fall.




Create a wooden box and attach it to a window frame. Just add moss, fall decorations and some beautiful fall flowers and now you have created a different wall art for your outdoor living space. You can always change the elements with the new season.




I love this table centerpiece! You can use fresh pumpkin and hollow out it. Then add some fresh fall color flowers, berries, greenery, and other fall decorations. To preserve the fresh pumpkin, coat it with petroleum jelly and add a glass vase inside the pumpkin. Add the fall elements in a glass vase and of course add water to it. This way your fresh gorgeous centerpiece will last longer than just few days.




Paint your old orange pumpkins with new fall colors. Every year, every season new colors come into a season so paint your old boring pumpkins with new trending colors of the season, such as burgundy and green. I love this idea!!! This idea is budget friendly.




If you don’t like fall colors, you can always paint your fall accessories white or any color to match your decor. Build your own wreath by using small pumpkins, dry fruits, leaves and use a big candle to put in the middle of the wreath. You can use the wreath for your dinner table. A unique approach to boring fall color wreath. Spice up your fall decorations this year.




Cool Birthday Themes for Boys

Deciding on a birthday theme is very time consuming. I am one of those parents who spend hours and hours searching on the net for the best birthday theme out there for my children birthday party. To make it easier on parents who have boys I have picked and chosen the best of best birthday themes for boys. So now you don’t have to look any further these parties ideas are from young child to teen-man.




The color theme of pastel blue color and bright red go perfectly together. The birthday theme was Modern Little Blue Truck based on a book. The pastel blue color backdrop gives the canvas letter hanging from blue, red and white circle streamers is such great way to add style to simple decorations. Also, I love how she has used first initial of the birthday boy,” A” on red frosted cupcakes, cake pops and topping is a great way to decoration desserts.



Source: Urban

If your son is into baseball, then decorate your house with baseball birthday theme. Have baseball food items such as, peanuts, baseball cookies or cupcakes, hotdogs, pretzels, etc. Change your backyard into a baseball field. Have his favorite time colors all over the house.




Which boy doesn’t love cars! I love how the main table is set up with the car decorations.  The checkers tablecloth, birthday banner candy wrappers, cars signs, little accessories on the table match perfectly with car theme. The color theme also matches with the birthday theme. The games that you have on his birthday has to be car related, for example, racing cars, making cars from the card board and making kids decorate it.




If your boy is into pirates then this is a great idea to use for his next birthday party. The table is turned into a pirate ship by using black table cloth or sheet. Of course, you need to know how to make ship. Also, add accessories related to the birthday theme, such as golden nugget cupcakes, water bottle tags, skull and crossbones signage. There are also many choices regrading pirate foods, like cupcakes, cake pops, pirate treasure boxes made of cookies. I love the goodie bags ideas and the adorable saying on the goodie bags.


jack3a jack3b


If you son loves playing with trucks. Then use this birthday party decorations idea to design your son’s next birthday party. As you can see diggers and trucks have been used for this birthday party. I love the cake! The cake design is amazing. White choc mud with chocolate frosting  and violet crumble on the top, and use plastic truck to put on top. The color theme also matches with the birthday theme. Other accessories are also so cute like the signs in the cupcakes, birthday banner, yellow cake pops, helmets for the little ones.





Another great idea for boy’s birthday theme. Super heroes birthday theme with costumes, D.I.Y table set, birthday banner, cake pops, oreos cookies, and name tags for the food items. I love the cake design as well.