New Inspiration Ideas

This whole house is designed and painted by my friend Miao Cara Li.

This is her finished basement Kitchen that she designed for her family and guest(s). Her finished basement design reminds me of a studio apartment. Also, I love how Miao has used neutral colors through out her basement to have a cool, and elegant design affect.


The home theater center in her basement is where her family and guest enjoy a nice movie without even stepping out of the house. The lemon color used in this room helps the red color lounge chairs pop out.



The Gym room


The guest bedroom in the basement is colored with a nice dark yellow shade. She also added white color furniture in the room to neutralize the color theme.


A perfect design for boys who love cars. Maio carried the car theme through out the room by matching bed sheets and wall design.


Kids Bathroom design


Sunroom design



Miao Designed her balcony into a beautiful room. She covered her whole balcony area with mosquito net so her family can enjoy the outdoors without the mosquitoes.


My favorite room in Miao’s house is her Dinning room. I love how she painted this room brown and used leaves theme through out the room including designing the walls with actual real leaves.


I love the technique she has used to paint her Dinning room.


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